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Rob [userpic]
by Rob (robduf)
at May 20th, 2006 (02:38 am)

Now that I have read the book and watched the movie(I finished the book just an hour before going to see the movie) I look forward to talking with you all about it in detail. :)

Princess Three-Horn [userpic]
Da Vinci and the press
by Princess Three-Horn (berrybuzz)
at May 1st, 2006 (09:17 pm)

current mood: disappointed

Because of the movie coming out, many folks in the press have once again reduced themselves to idiots...
Not only did the forget the fact that the book is FICTION
They forgot the fact that they went about debunking DaVinci Code a while back when the book was a huge smash hit.

So please folks, enjoy the book...
but don't take it literally

Just because the Louve and Saint Sulpice and Roslyn all exist, it does not mean that the Da Vinci Code is real.
Just because the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei actually exist/existed, it does not mean that they have any physical likeness to the manner of their portrayal in Da Vinci Code, and that all facts attributed to them in the book are true.
It is fiction after all.

:)  Happy Reading!

Darkling [userpic]
May's Book
by Darkling (darklingfae)
at May 1st, 2006 (04:43 pm)

I just want to say welcome to everyone who has joined and for those that are just joining us now. The book we have picked for the month of May is going to 'The DaVinic Code' by Dan Brown. I will ask that you don't post any kind of spoilers to the book until everyone has had a chance to read it and I think the last Monday of the month we will start to post our thoughts, questions, etc. we have on the book. Don't worry if you do not end up finishing reading the book but let us know what you did like or didn't like about the book during that last week of the month. I have on the slate of the month of June for the book to be 'Wicked' for those that like to know ahead of time what we are going to be reading.

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